Bee Well For Life!

I really know what it's like to struggle with everyday responsibilities and put myself at the bottom of the to do list. I tried diets and fitness kicks for years and was stuck in a cycle of boom and bust.

I felt like a failure and as if I would never make healthy habits last. I was wrong. With the right tools it's totally possible to change your life for good and feel energised, positive and healthy every day.

I will guide you through the process of finding what works for you, working with your mind and body to come up with a sustainable wellness plan and knowing you can Bee Well for Life!



Bee has always worked with people supporting them through changes and challenges to grow and develop. She has a passion and belief in the amazing ability we all have to live life to the full.

Bee's wellness clients benefit from her down to earth approach and lived in experience combined with her in depth understanding of human behaviour.

Bee addresses the real issues that stop us from getting healthier, happier and feeling really well using proven tools that are tailored to real life.

Bee offers support in different ways to suit each client whether that be individual coaching, online tutorials or workshops there's a way to meet where you are at.

Stuck with unhealthy habits that won't budge no matter how hard you try?

Using the habit breakdown tool you can take the first step to controlling your habits instead or being stuck with them!